Riccardo Toccacielo is a theater and movie actor as well as a record vinyl collector. He studied computer science and immediately developed a passion for electronics applied to different forms of art. An enthusiast for German Krautrock composition and italian avant-garde music published under the Cramps label. Riccardo began to play cello in 2010, the same year, he begins his theatre training with different masters. In this time, he made careful study of John Cage. For the centenary of John Cage's birth, he staged a show built on the ideas of sound and silence in Cage’s oeuvre.
Listening to Demetrio Stratos, Riccardo discovered his passion for particular instrument: the voice. He began studying harmonious singing and, in the 2014, he presented "The Cruelty of Sound", a performance in which he was able to combine the artistic inspiration that characterized Antonin Artaud, Vladimir Majakovskij and Carmelo Bene.
Cinema remains Riccardo’s other great passion. In 2014, he began to compose a study of the figure of italian actor Gian Maria Volonté. That same year, Riccardo continued his actor training with the movie director Mirko Locatelli in Milan.
Riccardo’s interest in Erik Satie inspired him to exhibit nine works from December 2016 until January 2017 at the Palazzo della Penna museum (Perugia) for the show “Around Satie: A creative tribute on the 150th anniversary of his birth.”
In 2017, Riccardo continues his personal study on the "Red Book" by Carl Gustav Jung. He is completing further works inspired by several musical artist and poets by using the record vinyl as material.


My father was an artisan, a merchant, and a farmer, someone able to work the land before returning to his business. He was always able to find the time to repair and invent "things.” I always followed suit in terms of his mental and practical flexibility, in his way to create with a little using several materials, in his way to inventing jobs. I was close him, I have observed it in silence and by his silence I the learned. I continued his work. during the years, as one river joins another. The most practical and concrete part of my life has harnessed itself to all my passions, and everything I learned has served to my creation. Collecting records i had the possibility to discover the vinyl as material. In its furrows, I found music, sounds, silences and stories. it's everything that one does not see that makes this material so fascinating.
I'm very interested in the life of artists and, through all my studies, I study my personal transmission of experience:
The creation of a material sharing of memory.