n.42 Acqueforti - 1914
45 x 40 x 52 cm
Score by Erik Satie - Drawings di Charles Martin
Collection, Riccardo Toccacielo


Dated to 1914, this collection is composed by forty-two  etchings, created on the initiative of Lucien Vogel, the founder of “La Gazette de Bon Ton.” Vogel desired to create a beautiful object by using musical scores and drawings to exhibit in the living room or on the piano. A welcome gift in a period when the best way to listen to music remained that of playing it alone.
The score was initially given to Stravinsky, who refused, considering the payment too low; Vogel proposed a lower amount to Erik Satie, who refused at the first time but, for the opposite reason, because he considered it too high (and as such, unseemly for an artist).
The etchings were realized by Charles Martin, coworker of “La Gazette de Bon Ton,” designer of tapestries, and book illustrator.
The theme of this illustrated album is Sports & Divertissements, the favorite pastimes of an elegant Paris.

Ornella Volta

This publication consists of two artistic elements: drawing and music.
The part design consists of signs, signs of intelligence; the music is expressed by points, points to blacks.
These two joined parts, in one volume, form a whole: an album.
browse the council with an amiable and smiling finger, because this is a work of fiction. I do not see anything else.
For "shriveled" and "dazed", I wrote a serious and dignified chorale.
This chorale is a kind of bitter preamble, a form of austere and afrivola introduction.
I took me all I know about Noia. I dedicate this chorale to those who do not like me. I retire.

Erik Satie